The Great E-Vape

Some months ago Proton was diagnosed with circulation problems caused by smoking. In order to receive medical attention she has been told that she must stop smoking.
She left the hospital and immediately quit.
Asking only to stop off at the local supermarket to pick up an electronic cigarette.
She bought an e-cig starter pack complete with battery charger, tried it for the evening but couldn’t get on with it.
So returned to the real thing.
Over the next week or so she tried several different brands of electronic cigarettes all with their own chargers.She now has about 5.
But she cannot get on with them. She constantly returns to the normal cigarettes the ones that are killing her.

In an attempt to help her, Electron begins to research vaping on the Internet.
He takes her to visit the local vaping shop.
They suggest that she begin with a starter pack.
Desperate for Proton to give up he buys the pack as a Christmas present. Over the next few days Proton tries it and on one day manages to get through until the evening without a real cigarette. A minor success, but ultimately she cannot get on with it, she spends the evening chain-smoking.
However, on visiting her no smoking counselor the next day, her lung function is tested and she finds the carbon monoxide level has decreased.
Surely this will give her some incentive? But it doesn’t.
Seems you can’t beat the real thing.

Over the years Electron himself has been fighting his own battles with the cigarette. Unlike Proton however he has tried to quit. He can go anything up to 5 days without smoking. Cold turkey.
But the inevitable stress of Proton and her “children” make him go back to his roll ups every time.

The New Year begins and realizing he has money in the bank he decides to visit the vape shop on his own.
Not wanting to be fobbed off with a”Starter Kit” he buys a more advanced piece of kit. He proceeds to vape. 28 days later he is still vaping and not smoking .

Proton is not having it so easy
She buys the same kit as Electrons along with several bottles of liquid.
All tobacco flavour but none of them taste as good as tobacco.
So she buys some more tobacco flavours.
Same result

Electron however is really taking to it. It speaks to his inner nerd.
He enjoys the hobby aspect of it
He buys another system even better than the previous one.
Loves it. It produces masses of fruit flavoured vapour and satisfies his needs.
Proton looks enviously at it
She now wants one of these too.

“Not until you start vaping properly”, says Electron.
“it is always the same with you. You get into something and you buy all the stuff and then you do not use it.” He continues. As far as you are concerned once you have the thing that is it.”
“You have to persevere in order to achieve something”.
Proton looks upset .
She reaches for her cigarettes.

Cut back to the present:
Now , with a cold and a lung infection, she sits coughing in Electrons Shed.

Electron is now over 6 weeks tobacco free.

Proton still insists on smoking.
Courtesy of her cease smoking action group she has been prescribed over £100 of pharmaceutical products to assist her in giving up:
Nicotine sprays for that early morning hit.
White plastic tubes that dispense a puff of nicotine to mimic the hand to mouth action of a smoker. Proton especially hates these. They look like a tampon.

She has had this equipment for over 3 months but all remain sealed in their packets unused. Untried.
They sit with her e-cig collection of cigalikes complete with their chargers. Her vaping starter pack the dual battery version together with the extra atomisers for all the different tobacco flavoured liquids she has purchased. Her super dooper E Cigarette the advanced mod type – Gen 3 – just like the one Electron has.
She must also have around £50 of e liquid. All unused.

Finally realising that it is no good and she should not smoke tobacco whilst her lungs are so bad she has come up with a new solution.
She will send Electron to the chemist to buy……
………some nicotine patches!