Taking Back Control

June 2017

Despite numerous ultimatums (Ultimata?), Proton is still living in the shed.
Despite coming back to town to sort his flat out 10 months ago, Strangeness is still living in Protons house.
Despite being a homeless junkie, Quark still lives in his grandmother’s house.
(Apart from when he visits the shed to get his return fare from Proton after spending his government payout on drugs).

Electron feels homeless and abandoned.
Proton now has full sovereignty over Electron.
Proton needs him to do everything for her 24/7.
He can no longer freely travel abroad (or anywhere else).
Having to buy endless milk and toiletries, his money does not go as far as it used to.
Proton insists on tuning the radio to the phone in shows on Fascist FM, making him listen to the racist and stupid.
Life is not moving forwards, if anything, it’s going backwards.
No point in talking, Proton does not listen.




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