Cat Interlude

thats not my name

The cat abides.

Turning up regularly as clockwork for food and disappearing ‘til next time.

Jessie Bunter now has a collar with “his” contact phone number written on it.

Just like he has “his” dishes, “his” milk, “his” ham “his” cheese and “his” bed – according to Proton.

Out of the blue one day, Proton & Electron receive a phone call asking them if they are the owners of a black and white cat. The term owners is pushing things with regard to a cat but they own up.

“ I just thought you might like to know where he spends his time all day?”

“We are intrigued. Yes.”

The woman on the phone explains that she has recently moved into the area and lives some distance away on the other side of the railway tracks in front of Electrons shed. She has 3 cats of her own and Jess likes to visit regularly and hang out with them on her patio, even sometimes sleeping overnight on or under her deckchair.

“You don’t want to keep him do you?” asks Proton.

“No. I’m already known as the mad cat lady” , she replies.

So Electron continues to provide the food daily.

Some months later Proton and Electron are sitting in the back garden, wondering where Jess is and guessing that once again he is over on what has become known as the Catio when, who should appear high up on the garden wall but the lad himself.

Suddenly, from the neighbouring garden they hear;

“Oh look, here’s Felix”

They have already learned that the neighbours on the opposite side know Jess as Santa, due to the white marks on his paws which look like snow on black boots.

To paraphrase a recent song;

They call him Santa

They call him Felix

They call him Pingu


That’s NOT his name!