Bad Choices Pt 2

2 days after Quarks departure from the shed, Proton phones her mother. Quark has finally arrived. He has his electric guitar and the bags of vegetables, but there is no sign of the black holdall containing his clothes and the all important cigarettes.

Quark had arrived yesterday and claims to have left the bag on the train, He is going to check with lost luggage. Neither Charm or her Grandmother wanted to inform Proton because they didn’t want Electron to have another angry rant.

Electron begins to rant over Proton as she speaks to her mother;

“It’s all so predictable! He has sold the fags for smack! I knew it as soon as he left the shed. After f**king everyone else over, he has now f**ked your mum over….”

In his head, Electron begins to formulate the letter he intends to write to Quark to finally let him know exactly what he thinks of him. It begins;

Dear C***.

Later that day Charm arrives to collect the remaining 3 cartons of cigarettes. The package is handed over and she puts them into a black holdall.

“That looks like the bag I lent to Quark”, says Electron

“It is”, replies Charm, “I picked it up from lost luggage at the station, and it still had the fags inside”.

Tonight Electron will sit down to a nice meal of humble pie.


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