Junkie Graduation



Like the forensic expert, Electron and Charm also don’t believe it necessary to see Quark. Ever again.

“I’ve been thinking about why he asked me if my brother takes drugs”, says Charm.
“when I was in the Lounge I noticed a needle cover on the floor, you know one of those plastic things. I realised that it was from Strangeness’s vape making equipment, he used to make it in that room.”
That makes sense to all of them. But to Proton this exonerates Quark of any needle use, the hypodermics that Charm found in his room were also for vape making. Admittedly Quark did have vape making equipment briefly but has returned to cigarettes. Electron points out that hypodermic and vape “needles” are totally different. The former is sharp, hence the name sharps, whereas the latter are flat tipped and of a larger diameter. But Proton will not have his, she does not want to believe the truth. Electron despairs.

2 days later, Quark turns up at the Shed door to see Proton. He has to collect a letter informing him of a medical assessment appointment he needs to attend to determine his benefits. He is not allowed to cross the threshold.
Clearly addled, the pitch of his voice going up and down as he shout speaks to his mother standing in the hallway. Surreptitiously Charm and Electron listen at the inner door as Quark spouts his bullshit.

“ I haven’t had my subutex for 4 days now and I feel a lot better” (Trans: He didn’t attend his drug rehab appointment, they have stopped his supply)
“ Yeah, I,m a bit stoned, I had a little joint on the way over, wish I hadn’t” (Trans: You are okay with me smoking dope so this will explain why I am acting weirdly. Nothing to do with amphetamines, heroin or legal highs).

“No I didn’t get the urine test result yet” (Trans: he didn’t attend)

(When originally informed of the urine test ,Proton was really happy about the idea, it was like he was getting some sort of qualification.
Until Electron interjected that “Perhaps he could be photographed with it rolled up to form a scroll and we could get him to wear a mortar board and hang the photo on the wall. We could be so proud.”)

“Weapons! They are for when I’m out building yurts, like when I was in Wigwag Warren”

“ Yeah, I’m getting it together, Dad’s getting me a passport, the Mexico plan is still on” (Trans: Dad has not got himself together enough to get a passport).

He finishes by saying, “ Why doesn’t Electron talk to me, I wish Electron would talk to me”

Electron thinks, “I would talk to Quark if he were ever in a fit state of comprehension. He never is. But then, I’ve only known him 23 years.”
Proton gives Quark 2 Creme Eggs as he is looking thin and with that he walks away into the early evening. Charm and Electron quietly dart back into the kitchen before Proton’s return.

5 hours later they receive a call from Gluon, Quark has once again lost his phone as he was falling out of a car, stationary one assumes, she has lent him another and is passing on his latest contact number. He left the shed and immediately went into town to meet a Heroin addict friend who looks out for a homeless junkie. During this time Quark apparently stopped breathing and they took the opportunity of relieving him of £45 worth of drugs. But Gluon knows that he has bags of amphetamines and other drugs stored at her house so will not go short. Quark started breathing again and is now at another friends house.
Gluon says she is worried about his mental state, he can no longer hold a cup of tea and we all know how much he likes tea (cf: August 2014 post). He can’t concentrate for even a minute. He refused to watch a film that he has seen before because he believed that all of the characters had been replaced with different actors.
And then Neb#45 comes on the phone!
Turns out that he and Gluon are friends. He is worried about Quark, has been looking out for him but can no longer take him home for the occasional meal as his behavior is too outlandish.He thinks this has been getting worse and worse over the last 6 months and that soon Quark will have no one to turn to. He is being blanked by nearly everyone he knows. Neb#45 says that he has been to too many funerals recently and doesn’t want to go to Quarks. But he also doesn’t know what to do apart from getting Quark sectioned. He and Gluon are going to try to get Quark to a GP and then take it from there.

Throughout all this, Proton is strangely calm, her legal pain killing drugs must be helping in this.

There are now more pressing things to attend to, Charm and Proton must look for temporary accommodation whilst the Insurance Company repair her house.

They can both see that Electron needs a break……….before he snaps.


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