26 April – Electron returns to his stressful job for a break from all of the stress, but first stops off at the local Drug Support Centre, which Quark apparently attends weekly. He is not quite sure why he is there but feels the need to offload his pent up anger on someone outside of the family.
A support worker listens as he spills out his rage. She is told of the drug dealing/manufacturing, the extreme misuse, the various people turning up at the local shop asking about Quarks whereabouts, of the weapons discovered in Quarks room (2 swords a hatchet and a scythe), of Quarks collapsing and of course the fire. Her only response is that Quark is due to attend an appointment the next day and that they will take on board what has been said. He pushes her on the possibility of sectioning but is told that it is very difficult to get someone sectioned and that it is ”not like the old days”. As an ex drug user she seems pleased at this.
As he is escorted out of the building she states that they have a police unit affiliated with them in an office upstairs and they may be interested in the weapons aspect. Implying that everything else is of no interest whatsoever.

On returning home from work, Electron is angered to find Quark standing in his kitchen.
“He is just leaving” says Charm.
“Damn right he is “ replies Electron, ignoring Quark as he shuffles out of the shed.

“You know he is banned from here”
“Yes but I had to talk to him”
“We had a long talk and he has explained a lot of things. The babbling that AntiQuark heard was him trying to pronounce the name of a friend of his, it’s an African sounding name, so he wasn’t rambling. Its quite funny really.”
Electron manages to bite his tongue
“ He is happy staying at Gluon’s and is looking to get a passport. He’s going to the drug support place tomorrow and is looking to go into rehab. He swears that he is not on H, all the needles Charm found in his room during the clean up belonged to a friend of his who he let jack up. He accepts that this was wrong. He will be given a urine test to prove he is H free and is looking forward to getting a print out of the test result to prove this to everyone.”

Sadly, Proton believes all of this. She is a doting Mother.

29 April – Quark has been informed that the forensic man is turning up at noon and that he is required to answer some questions.
Proton Electron and Charm all turn up at the house at the appointed time but there is no sign of Quark. This may have something to do with the fact that in her text to Quark, Charm stated that he needed to meet the Arson man not the forensic expert. But really, they all knew that he had no intention of appearing.
The Forensic guy dons his sturdy boots and anti flash protective overalls before he enters the house. Everyone else in the house is dressed in normal attire.
He investigates the room, places what is left of the sofa back in its original position, the towel driers are positioned back on the radiator, he can see where they were positioned as the radiator is unscorched where they were attached. Next to the charred remains of a towel, the upturned table lamp is righted in its position on the floor behind the sofa and beneath the towel rail. It all becomes clear.
He leaves the lounge taking the lamp and flex with him for testing, he believes it may be faulty and will complete his report at a service station stop on his way home. He does not believe it will be necessary to see Quark.
Before departing he takes Charm aside and asks,”Does your brother use drugs”.
“No she replies”.


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