Proton continues her recovery. She has now been moved to a private room which is just like a hotel room. TV, Radio and her own private wet room…..it’s fantastic. She has managed to get up and down a flight of 12 stairs twice and is now waiting for the occupational therapist to pass Electrons shed as fit for habitation. It should be. Electron has spent his time clearing up rearranging furniture to the required height adding nice lighting and constructing a daybed in his bedroom. The next step is to build a walk in shower.


Quark is on drug week. Charm reports that she has locked all of her things in Protons bedroom. She had noticed that Quark had helped himself to some of her moisturiser. He had also helped himself to Protons expensive honey based moisturiser and conditioner. Even Strangeness purported to not understand why. Electron knows why.

Lets say Quark, who’s washing habits are to say the least irregular, is using these things as a …….lubricant.

Electron surmises this as having once returned with Proton to her house to find Quark in, lets say a state of undress, and asleep, with a bottle of conditioner next to him.

On the sofa in the downstairs lounge with the television still on!


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