10 sept 2015

Quark and Roni are not an item. He returned after one night away. But that does not mean they have not bred. God help us.

Proton has been moved to a local health care centre. Everyone at the hospital said it was like a hotel and she would be much better off than in the main hospital. But on the first night she was in tears. She was in a ward where it was obvious that every one of her fellow patients had dementia. Every ward seemed to be full of dementia patients except for on the floor below which contained amputees and heart attack victims. The amputees gathered in their wheelchairs in the car park outside to smoke.

Proton is only 58 but everyone else seemed to be closer to 100 years.

The woman in the bed opposite just sat and stared at her whilst the one on the left only muttered that the staring woman deserves everything that’s coming to her.

The staring woman is Scottish and occasionally shouts out “WHIT!!” like the scrawny character during the interview scene in Trainspotting, it’s all a bit disconcerting.

Sad and depressing doesn’t really cover it.

In the main hospital, Electron used to look out of the window of the main concourse to see other windows. Through these windows he could see grey haired men and women in beds (not that much older than himself and Proton, the people, not the beds), attached to various drips and monitors, people alone, only technology holding them back from the inevitable. Time to wake up before it is too late he thought. (Although he also thought it would make a great painting that no one would want to buy).


On the second day at the new centre, Proton is much improved. Her blood pressure is almost that of a normal human after years of being over 200 over 100 and something. She has not had a cigarette for 2 and a half weeks (but is sneakily vaping, at last!) and is enjoying her physiotherapy. She is in an institution but has become un institutionalised. She is communicating with adults albeit even if some of those have dementia (they still make more sense than Quark most of the time). She has made friends outside of her immediate family. This is the best rehab she could possibly have been given. Perhaps we should break the boys hips. Don’t tempt me.

Charm and Electron continue to visit daily, the boys continue to not visit. Still no card.

Almost 3 weeks after her admission, Charm visits with a friend. He kisses Proton on both cheeks and comments that she is looking far better than the last time he saw her at home sitting in her kitchen (before she broke her hip (i.e. when she was well).

What a damning indictment. Proton has undergone major surgery, has not been able to smoke or drink, cannot eat most of the food that is provided by the hospital, is still in recovery but nonetheless looks better than when she was living with the boys.

Electron and Proton discuss selling her house and kicking the boys into reality and chasing their own dream of living in the sun. It will never happen of course…..or will it?


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