3 September 2015

Quark has visited the hospital once, Strangeness is still in hiding.

During the hospital visit Quark was given some money to get some provisions from the hospital shop for his mother. This took 45 minutes and on returning he was incensed that he was getting grief from the police and was being asked to move on all of the time. Electron has been out the front of the hospital vaping many times and not once even seen a policeman. So god only knows what Quark was doing to attract attention. Trawling various wards for pharmaceuticals no doubt.

But today Charm reports that Quark is a very happy junkie. His ex “girlfriend” of some 3 years ago is back in town.
Fresh from release from the mental hospital.

Charm had phoned him whilst out getting provisions for her mother;

“Great news! Roni is back. She is off the meds”

Charm can hear a dog barking in the background. Roni is already in the house.

Charm replies “Roni the schizophrenic who spiked everyone’s drinks in the local pub? (10 people wer taken to hospital). Roni the one who tried to get you killed?”

“ She’s okay now. She didn’t try to get me killed. It was her. She tried to stab me!”

Charm texts Quark stating that Roni is bad bad news and that he should not have anything to do with her. But on returning to Protons house, Quark is gone. Perhaps he is gone for some time, He has taken his milk with him, so lets hope so.


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