All Change……..My A***

25 August 2015

After 3 days of agony, the replacement hip operation is complete. Proton is now bionic and recovering.
Charm rushed to her mothers side the very day of the accident and is being helpful.
The boys however…….

Strangeness has an aversion to hospitals and despite having a bus pass refuses to visit his mother.
Electron and Charm visit every day for 5 -6 hours at a time.
On returning to Protons house there is a heavy fug of strong-smelling dope hanging about the house. A mass of dirty dishes and the boys happily skinning up in the living room watching you tube videos.
“Everything is going to change”.

Days turn into a week and beyond.
Strangeness has left the house to visit his ex and daughter in the country. As usual he has run away. Although for this he did use his bus pass.
Quark has decided to disregard any pretence of being ill or tired and decided to enter full on junkie mode.
No longer lurking in his room he now roams the entire house dressed only in shorts with his slack face and incomprehensible mutterings. Electron tries not to lose his temper but cannot. Every time he enters the house he ends up shaking with rage.

“Stop being so aggressive garbles Quark”.

Electron remains aggressive and begins to take anything of value from the house, doing his best to stop himself from punching Quark.
imperishable food is removed together with laptop, camera and all of Protons prescription drugs. Her bedroom door is also locked.

Over the weekend Quark, with his mother in hospital, decided that it would be fine to go into her room and help himself to all of her vaping equipment (“to test it out for her”) her phone charger (which has now been lost), no doubt some of her cigarettes (even though he has given up smoking) and her anti depressant tablets. The full scale of his ransacking will no doubt be discovered in due course.

Quark needed the vaping equipment because he does not have his at the moment. He says he has left it at the caravan in his friends back garden. The caravan he uses at the start of drug week. Despite the caravan being merely a mile away he has not gone to retrieve it. Other times he says that the battery does not work, “it gives off sparks”. He also says that he droped it in some water. Whatever the case, his vaping equipment is nowhere to be seen.

Quark copes with the nicotine withdrawal by scrabbling for dog ends in the gutter.


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