If My Eyes are Open……I’m Smokin’

cigarettesProton is now living in Electrons shed .
Both are ill. As ever Proton is worse. Despite being female, she is always the one who catches man flu.
She is wracked with coughing fits and has to use her inhaler regularly. The coughing keeps Electron awake at night. Electron eventually recovers, enough to return to work. But Proton hangs on to the bug with tenacity. The coughing continues unabated.
But through it all she continues to smoke cigarettes.
This is her addiction.

From the time she awakes to the time she retires to bed she always appears to have a fag in her hand.

Electron is sure that if she could find a way of smoking whilst eating and sleeping, she would.

Electron who has recently given up smoking for vaping is finding it hard to breathe because of the cigarette smoke within his shed. He is now acutely sensitive to this smoke and is wary of himself becoming one of those ex smokers who despise smoking more than people who have never smoked. But he can’t help urging Proton to join him in his conversion to vaping.
He begs Proton to try some of her vaping equipment she has loads of it.
“It makes me cough”, she says and reaches for her cigarettes.

Everything in the shed makes Proton cough. The windows cannot be opened because the cold air causes her to cough. She thinks perhaps the damp wall in Electrons bedroom has caused her to have a lung infection. Even though she arrived at the shed with this infection.

Electron is beginning to feel a prisoner in his own shed.He has been tobacco free for over six weeks but at the moment is passively smoking 40 a day.

Why can she not get into vaping?


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