Blipped Brain

2 FEB 2015
brain blip 2

Quark has been raving about the new smart phone that he has had for 12 days, his first phone with access to the internet.
He loves it;

“it really is the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy” he says, “There is even a site called Babel Fish”.

But Monday is the night Quark gets his giro. So when Proton and Electron return from the shed he is nowhere to be seen. At 30 minutes past midnight he is out at the cash machine to get his free money, just can’t wait until daylight.

Strangeness is asleep of course.

When Quark returns, 2 days later, he eventually admits to Proton that he has lost his phone.
He must have left it at one of the “friends” he always visits at the start of drug fortnight.
Same old story.
In the past few months he has “lost” 2 brand new cycle helmets, (Courtesy of Proton – she doesn’t want him to be harmed on his cycle) oh yeah but he “lost” his bicycle too and two more phones. Lost or sold, who knows.
At the moment he is sticking to the “lost” story.

But as the week wears off, the story evolves. He has not only lost his phone, he has lost his wallet, his hat and gloves and his rucksack. He puts all this down to having a “Brain Blip”.
“A What?” asks Electron.
“Yeah, a Brain Blip. I went over to Strangenesses flat. I remember climbing over the back wall to go through the back door which is always unlocked, but it was locked”
Electron resists the urge to ask why he was going to his brothers flat when he knew full well that Strangeness was asleep upstairs in Protons house but lets Quark carry on with his story.
“Anyway I somehow got in and the next thing I know is that it is 11 o’clock in the morning and I am sitting in the Lotus position outside Strangeness’s front door and all my stuff is gone. Like I said a brain blip”.
“I’d see a doctor about that if I were you” advises Electron. “When was this again?”
“Monday night, early Tuesday morning”.
Of course it was. No need to see any doctors. Quark knows the blip was self-inflicted.


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