new start

1st January 2015

By 4.30pm Electron is concerned that he has heard nothing from Proton. Are they all still alive?

He calls, and Proton answers in a shaky, quiet voice.

“Everyone okay?”

“Yes, no further disruption. The boys are both still in bed.”

“Well get them up!”

“No, I just want some time on my own.”

“They should be made to get up and apologise, see you later.”

At 7.30pm Electron visits Proton. There is still no sign of the boys who are still in their rooms.

The plastic garden chair that Proton uses because of her bad back is smashed beyond repair. There is a metal bucket in the centre of the room: placed there to catch the water that leaks into the ceiling every time either of the boys has a shower. This does not happen with anyone else. Fortunately they rarely have showers. There is an upturned bicycle in the centre of the living room. The whole house feels lifeless. Not a home, more of a drop in centre for delinquents.

Electron has no desire to remain and tells Proton that he will be on his own in the shed this evening. Rightly or wrongly (probably wrongly) he believes Proton should be punished because of her kids.

Electron returns to his shed. He still believes that Strangeness should be made to get out of bed and should be apologetic for his behaviour. But if he thinks that he can just get up after his mother has gone to bed and start the New Year the same as he spent most of the preceding year, watching internet porn, he has got another think coming.

Electron opens his laptop and logs into Protons internet account. Child lock settings are changed to ON.

Strangeness will only be allowed to access sites suitable for the under-fives.

2nd January 2015.

Electron has to get up early for the dental appointment he has regarding his lost tooth.

Surprisingly, the dentist is able to save the tooth. He will not need to speak with a lisp for the rest of his life.

“There you go,” says the dentist, “you can smile at the girls again”.

“That’s what got me into trouble in the first place” jokes Electron.


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