The story so far……

Quark managed to get himself into a hostel. Apparently it is very nice, en suite and everything. The plan is to stay as a homeless person and after 13 weeks the rules regarding a cap on housing benefit for the under 35’s is waived, thus enabling Quark to get a flat.

That’s the plan

He returns to Proton everyday, however, and stays until late into the evening before returning to the hostel. After a few weeks he sometimes stays overnight as he is allowed 2 nights away from the hostel every week.

Proton & Electron were under the impression that he would be attending help sessions to get him to address his substance abuse. But as he is always in Protons house taking drugs, he does not attend these sessions.

After 6 or 7 weeks he declares that he has been evicted. Evicted from the homeless hostel, how ironic.


“Normality” has thus returned, one week high as a kite on amphetamines and valium followed by a fallow week of sleeplessness and depression.

And so on and so on.

Charm is still living with her grandmother and attending AA meetings twice a week. Has fallen off the wagon a few times and beaten up Titania who went to visit her for a few days at the seaside. Titania was so fearful that she refused to stay in the same house as Charm and left at 4.30 in the morning to wait at the bus station for the 9 o’clock bus.

Strangeness still will not go to his own flat. Preferring to sit in front of the internet with a chinese look on his face throughout the night. I am only assuming this, I am not during his 10 hour sessions of looking at Ladyboy or incest porn. He still doesn’t know how to clear his search history.

But heh! 10 hours! of nothing but porn. Got to admire the mans stamina.

Christmas Beckons