Quark the thief

7 August 2014

Electron returns from yet another tedious day at work. On the wall outside Protons house he can see a carton of orange juice, a blue shirt and a small canvas bag (which he later finds out is Quarks cycle tool kit). It is obvious before he enters the house that something is amiss. He enters the house; Proton is sitting by herself in the kitchen:

“He’s done it again” she says.

“What? Who?”

“Quark. He’s taken some of my tranquilisers again.”

Proton takes a very low dose of diazepam, only 2mg, hardly does anything but she has been on them for so long now that it has become just something that she does.

“That’s the third time!”

Indeed, as far as we know, this is the third time. The first time he was racked with remorse and wrote a “beautiful” apology letter, promising never to do it again. Then he did it again 2 weeks ago. Taking a box of 56 tablets – that’s 112 mg which we are sure would do something!

And now another 30mg or so, meaning Proton will now have to get an additional prescription, which could involve some explaining to her GP.

Proton seems to know instinctively when her supply has been raided, she checks and lo and behold some tablets are missing. Although as today unfolded, she probably was given some hints:

quark the thief

She was awoken at 9am by loud banging coming from Quarks room followed by a loud crash, all accompanied by throbbing drum ‘n bass music. Turns out that Quarks large houseplant had fallen out the window, Quark it appeared had also fallen over several times. But no damage to either plant or person. The plant being retrieved  from the flat roof some 1m below Quarks bedroom window.

Quark proceeded to be totally erratic for the entire morning, trying to make coffee for his mother, the first attempt being cold, the second full of coffee but no milk . Fortunate Charm arose from bed and stepped in to sort things out (Despite the venom she had drunkenly inflicted on Proton the night before).

Both Quark and Charm then left to “go to the park”, but only after Quark had had a shave (uh, oh)  which had the effect of leaving the bathroom looking as if it had been hit by a monsoon..

Strangeness remained in bed for the entire day, leaving Proton alone to cope by herself.

By phone, Quark later admitted that he was the culprit but would not be returning that day because of the bad atmosphere in the house, an atmosphere created by him. Charm reported that Quark has decided to stay at Titanias and that he has already had 2 showers in an effort to get his head together.

Proton begins to beat herself up over Quark feeling so bad about what he has done that he cannot come back to the house tonight.

“Stop it!” orders Electron. “Quark started the day with a shave, he has now had not 1 but 2 showers. He had no intention of coming back tonight. It’s the same old procedure, he is off on one of his drug binges. It would be best that he stays away for the duration. “

Curiously Quark appears to have rearranged the start of his drug week from the normal Tuesday to Thursday. For this week at least. This may have something to do with him looking to be put up in a homeless hostel and having to attend an interview(?) for such a position yesterday (Wednesday). This is a potential escapade for the future, but he has started the ball rolling at least.

It  is now 9pm, Charm is on her way back from wherever (she seems pretty unsure where she is herself). On the phone she sounds  stoned and has obviously had a  few drinks.

Strangeness is still in bed.

No doubt he will get up as soon as his sister is home to prepare some food for him, followed by some dope and wine. And when the daytime people have once again gone to bed. He can go (and come) on the internet.

Electron has retired to his shed.


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