21 July


baby boy 2Electrons 3 day weekend is almost over. Being a Monday night, Quark has spruced himself up and left the house to collect his government hand out ready for the beginning of his week of drug abuse. Who knows when he will return. He has resumed his normal timetable with little regard for his mother.

Proton quizzed Charm on why Quark always had a shower and shave before his week of abuse. She thought perhaps it was a secret girlfriend, Electron thought perhaps he visited a prostitute. But Charm, who knows about these things said that it was because he knew that he would be so out of it for a while that he would not be in a fit state to attend to his grooming. That’s some sense of decorum I guess.

Charm is still being helpful and Strangeness has promised to return tonight in order to assist Charm in the morning while Electron is at work. But we have been here before of course.

At 11.30 there is still no sign of Strangeness. Proton insists that the outside light be put on to guide the way for him however. Electron, convinced that Strangeness will not be returning, says leave the light off, perhaps the B****** will fall and crack his head open. Not nice admittedly, but sometimes the anger at Strangeness’s selfishness cannot be suppressed.

This results in Proton having a panic attack. She cannot breathe. She is weeping. Eventually Charm and Proton manage to calm her down.

Electron apologises, but after 20 years the blinkers have finally fallen from his eyes.

This is what it has all been about for all this time. The protection of baby boy. This is why Proton wakes up stressed, why her blood pressure is high, why she cannot seem to relax. Why she has to spend so long sitting in the bathroom every morning (2 hours at a time for years, even when not on the painkillers)

She has to worry about what baby boy is up to and whether he is safe and well. Sooner or later the umbilical (or should that be imbecile) cord needs to be cut. It appears that this has not yet happened.

By 30 minutes after midnight, there is no sign of Strangeness and no phone call to explain. Charm decides to text him and receives a text in return

“. Hmmmm,” she says.

“What is it” asks Proton.

“You sure you want to know?”


“It’s Strangeness, he says he missed the bus”

Cue rant from Electron…….

“He’s done it again, why the F*** can’t he let us know, he knew this 2 hours ago all it takes is a simple call, but No, that would be too much effort. How many more times. Tell him that when he comes back he should go directly to his flat. You know, the place where he is supposed to live. He is no F****** use here.”

The anger drags on into the early hours. Charm will have to cope with her mother on her own in the morning.


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