17 July

bonoboStrangeness has finally turned up. This is only apparent because the study door is closed, he has been back for an hour and is already doing his bonobo chimp impressions in front of the internet. Chimps are not very good at hiding their internet search history, so Electron knows exactly what he looks at. Not very edifying, the usual pornography along with sites promoting racial hatred and tips on martial arts.  Worrying. But Proton is happy that her baby boy is once again back in the house.

Why Strangeness has this hatred of foreigners cannot be explained. It is not as if he interacts with the outside world in any way. No one is “coming over here to take his job”; he has not got a job. So what is his problem? Neither Quark nor Strangeness seem to have racist views, although to be honest, Proton does seem to have a problem with Islam. Excusing her views by saying that it represents the oppression of women. In much the same way that the US &UK used the same excuse to justify their invasion of Afghanistan. But that is a whole other can of worms.

Talking of cans of worms, Charm is threatening to return to add to the dynamics of an already fraught situation.


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