18 – 21 July

Endless TeaThe end of another week. Electron returns to find that Strangeness has gone to the country yet again. After a whole day of being ensconced in the study, he left giving 5 minutes notice. This despite all 3 offspring discussing and agreeing a Rota for looking after their mother during which time Strangeness did not think to mention his imminent disappearance.

Over the weekend Electron busies himself redecorating the living room. The collapsed ceiling has been repaired, albeit by a cowboy builder who left the job half finished, took the cash and ran off without leaving a receipt. Electron has managed to complete his job for him and now the entire room is being repainted.

Proton spends most of her time in the bathroom of course. Charm is being unusually helpful, for once she has really stepped up to the plate.

Realising that his sister has now taken control of the situation, Quark has disappeared to his room to take whatever concoctions he has at his disposal, leaving only to make the occasional cup of tea. This process can take up to 4 hours as he forgets he has begun the task and constantly returns to his room in between the operations of;

Boiling the kettle

Getting a cup

Finding a tea bag

Pouring the water into the cup

Remembering to put the teabag into the cup

Fetching the milk

Remembering to put the milk into the cup

Realising that he has forgotten to remove the teabag

Looking for the sugar

And so on and so on, until he finally remembers that he has made a cup of tea.

At which point he emerges from his room to collect the tea.

As you can see. Tea making is a very complicated process.

Someone eventually retrieves the cup of tea a few days later, half-drunk it can reside anywhere in or even outside the house.


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