24 July

bonobo job

For once Strangeness does his duty to his mother. Making cups of coffee in the morning while she sits in the bathroom.

Charm with the aid of a speeded up Quark and his friend manage to move all of her belongings to her grandmother’s house without incident. She returns in a relieved mood that she finally has closure on her old flat and its associations with Neb#45.

Neb#45 is still working in the local shop and so has to be avoided by the whole family. Only Quark has the courage to enter the shop to fetch things for all the others. The few times that Charm has encountered Neb recently have either resulted in verbal abuse or in him self-harming in a harmless sort of way. Punching himself on the head or scraping his face along a wall, that sort of thing. All perfectly normal in the scheme of things.

Strangeness has some vastly overdue library books to attend to. He is facing a massive fine but reacts to this in the usual way. He does nothing. The fine continues to mount up. .

Then a bombshell. Strangeness gets a phone call from his long estranged father, Dickhead.

Dickhead wants to meet up, “sooner or later” and in a rare moment of momentum, Strangeness agrees to meet at a local bar that evening.

Of course, Proton has to enable her baby boy to make a good impression. She gives him money for a new T shirt and a haircut. He has spent all of his hand out money on hash and tissues.

Electron in an effort to build some bridges between himself and Strangeness offers a lift and in the car Strangeness even mentions that “Perhaps Dickhead would be able to arrange a job for him”.

Electron is staggered, Strangeness has never shown any inclination of even wanting a job.

But sarcastic to the end, Electron says “I don’t think there is much call for night shift workers in the second hand car business”.


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