2 August


Electron spends another day decorating.

Protons back appears to be slowly healing but she still has pain. All of the offspring are now in the house.

Quark (34) has spent all day racing up and down the stairs taking things from the utility room to his room. He had a tidy up a few days ago and now has space for more junk. A junkie in more senses of the word than one.

He is sniffing his nose a lot today so I guess he is on some sort of powder . Does one sniff speed? He is also trying to be helpful today. Taking everyones washing to the launderette being the main task.

Proton has already caught Quark trying to sneak his sheepskin rug in with the clothes and is about to add some towels to the collection as he rushes down the stairs and out of the door with 3 large bags.

“Quark! There’s just these to go now.


But he is gone.

Proton, armed with the towels, follows Quarks path to the launderette, but all items have now been deposited into the machines. As stated earlier, Quark is in a rush today.

Charm and Strangeness who have been shopping and sitting in the park together, pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend as is their wont, return just in time to see their mother slowly walking from the launderette. Proton is not happy.

“Why did he do that? I asked him to take the towels. Why is he such an idiot. What is he up to?”

Charm does her best to appease her mother (Charm is still being good), but Protons rant continues for several minutes.

To Electron who is in the other room, it sounds like someone talking about a 5 year old.

Calm is eventually restored, Charm makes a cup of tea and Strangeness disappears into the bathroom to prepare for his evening trip to (apparently) visit his 13 year old daughter and her mother in the country.

Eventually Strangeness leaves only to return minutes later as he has forgotten something.

Apart from oneself what could you possibly need to visit your daughter?

Ahhh, His new toy. A small glass bong. A toy for himself I must add, not for his daughter.

Don’t think there will be much childcare going on in the country this evening.

Proton, Electron and Charm spend the evening in the kitchen trying to watch a film on TV while Quark rushes back and forth from bedroom to utility room. In between making one of his interminable cups of tea.

Strangeness returns just before midnight to announce to his siblings that he has got some nice new hash.

With that all 3 decamp upstairs to the large front bedroom to get wasted together.


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