23 July

For years Electron has tried to get through to Proton, but she insists on giving her children the benefit of the doubt. Quark has just turned up twatted as he is on his drug week – obvious to see – but she insists on asking him what he is doing tomorrow.

Electron has to go away on business and will be 30 miles away if anything happens. Charm is decamping with all of her belongings to live with her grandmother 45 miles away. Strangeness has once again “promised” that he will be around but we know how that usually works out.

Proton believes that if Quark is available he can look after her. But he is still on a drug week. During this time Quark cannot be trusted. He will say he is just nipping out for 10 minutes and will be gone for 14 hours. So best to rely on Strangeness.

But Proton will give him the benefit of the doubt and accept whatever Quark says even though it is generally bullshit. So potentially she will be on her own all day with no one to help or see her if she falls down the stairs or is unable to get out of bed.

But that’s okay; one of her kids gave their word!

So what is Electron to do? Attend to his job for which he has responsibility and ignore the situation. Unfortunately yes, or ultimately he will not have a job anymore. There is enough of that in this house already.

All Electron wants is to know that someone responsible will be there with her. With three “grown-ups” around surely this should not be too difficult to achieve?

If she is willing to trust the word of a junkie then she is mistress of her destiny. So it seems that Electron cares but that counts for nothing. But if she doesn’t care about herself why should He?

Perhaps Electron should just get on with his my life.

Electron is beginning to think this more and more.

Might as well get on with his own life before it’s too late. During this recent very stressful period, he has upset all of her offspring. It’s only a matter of time before one of them attacks him. Apart from Quark who is a pacifist. He would also probably forget what he was trying to do half way through starting out.

Strangeness turned up!


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