11 – 17 July

wcThe days pass. Electron & Quark have got into the swing of things and acting as a team look after Proton. Fetching and carrying and doing their best to keep her as comfortable as possible. The painkillers that Proton has been prescribed have the unfortunate effect of “bunging her up”. This results in her spending the first 3 hours (!) of the day sitting in the bathroom. With only one bathroom in the house, this makes things difficult for the other occupants.

It is difficult to keep up the compassion sometimes. Both Quark & Proton need a break …. and a crap..  Electron needs to get back to work; He has taken time off for the first few mornings to look after Proton but does not want to use up all of his holiday allocation. Added to which, Quark has some important appointments he needs to attend, beginning at 9am.

Fortunately, Strangeness has promised to return from the country to assist his mother – about time, as he was the cause of all of this in the first place.

But….. The evening of Strangeness’s arrival comes and goes. Past midnight and there is still no sign of him, so Proton decides to call him. An addled Strangeness answers with the excuse that he had had so much to eat that he went into a food coma and missed the return bus. The food coma is also the reason for not contacting anyone to let them know that he was going to let them down.

“Food coma, if it was down to me he would be in another sort of coma” says Electron. Then again, Strangeness lives his life permanently in some sort of semi coma anyway.

It’s not just the self-centeredness that grates; it’s the fact that he cannot be bothered to inform anyone of his actions. If there is any sort of problem, he just ignores it hoping it will go away. At 38 years of age, he still has not noticed that this attitude merely makes things worse.

If Strangeness had let everyone know he would not be turning up, alternative arrangements could be made in advance. Now this has to be done at short notice. The result being that Electron has to take another day’s holiday.

Strangeness is not in Electrons good books.


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