10 July

backElectron returns from work to find Proton looking grim, sitting at the kitchen table with Strangeness.

“I think I’ve fractured another bone in my back”, she says.

Proton suffers from osteopenia which means her bones are not as dense as they should be.

“Oh no, ” says Electron,” you weren’t trying to open the window again were you.”

Proton has old heavy sash windows and this is how she has damaged herself on the previous three occasions.

“I was just reaching towards it when I felt it go” she replies.

“Why didn’t you ask Strangeness to open the window?”

“He was in bed”

Of course he was, at 4.30 in the afternoon on a beautiful sunny day, the darkness was still hours away.

In the first 12 hours the pain was not too bad, we were all hoping that it was merely a strain, but over the ensuing days it became clear that yes it was another fracture. We could tell by the agonizing screams that proton gave forth every time she tried to get up from her bed.

True to form the perpetrator of the accident, strangeness, decides to leave the very next day to visit his daughter in the country – leaving Electron and Quark to pick up the pieces.

Charm is once again staying with her grandmother, red riding hood style, hiding from Neb#45 who has turned into a stalker. Harassing her whenever she is back in town. She will open the door of her flat and there he is.


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