May 17 -20

All hands to the pump.

Quark and Charm have returned for the great move (Strangeness is probably having one of his sleep weeks). A back room on the ground floor has been emptied of Quarks previous junk to make way for the records and tools from upstairs.


Quark is attending a new initiative by the government which aims to get “young” people into work.

It’s called Tomorrows people. What are the other schemes known as? Do the older unemployed attend “Yesterdays People”. Seems a bit cruel.

All is going well, Charm is being Charming, Quark is reasonably together, things are getting done.

But we all know that Charm has not had a boyfriend for over 3 weeks and consequently everyone is stepping on eggshells around her.

On Saturday evening she announces that she has arranged to meet an ex of 20 years ago, in her grandmother’s town, just for lunch as “friends”. Both Proton and Electron are dubious about this. This is one of the things Charm does when unattached, she starts going through her back catalogue. A similar size to that of Argos. Maybe she does intend to be just a “friend” but seems strangely intent on ensuring that she gets back to her grandmothers by Tuesday no matter what help Proton needs.

With a potential replacement in the pipeline, Charm finally plucks up the courage to enter the shop where Neb#45 works, to buy her evenings supply of booze. He gives her evil eyes!

This will not do, after consuming the purchased supplies she is intent on re-entering the shop to have it out with him. But Proton & Electron manage to get her to desist. Electron points out that Charm had Neb#45 at a disadvantage, she knew she was entering the shop, Neb had no warning. This is borne out by a text from Neb after he finishes his nightshift reiterating similarly.

But his texts do not stop, they continue through the night varying between conciliatory to threatening – once again Charm decides to change her SIM card.

Now Tuesday, and Charm has not gone to her grandmothers but the cracks are beginning to show. Electron had found out that Charms 20 year ex is married with kids and despite telling Proton to say nothing … she says something. There is a slight ripple of anger from Charm but it subsides. Charm has her new SIM card and has unfriended NEB#45 from Bookface.

bkfacedwnIn the process of doing this, Proton discovers that she has been sent a friend request from her ex Husband, Dickhead… Strangeness and Charms natural father…………..


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