21 May


Electron goes to work, extremely tired and it is a busy day. Typical.

He wonders when would be a convenient time to contact Proton. Noon is usually okay but there is no telling what time she went to sleep last night.

He returns to his shed immediately after the weekly lunchtime works meeting.

He calls Proton

“Hi, everything okay?”

“Hello, No, it was a terrible evening”

“I had your daughter ringing my bell at 6 am this morning; I hear you called the police”

“Yes she trashed the place, I was scared.”

The police came but Charm had fled to her own flat. As soon as they were told the name Charm they seemed to know where to go. On returning they said that Charm had told them that 7 pints of water were thrown over her. (This would be very time consuming as Protons taps deliver water very slowly.)

Gesturing to her surroundings Proton stated that this was nothing to what Charm had done.

Glasses smashed, a sofa ripped apart. The police leave, taking no further action.

Charm has already been in touch again today though.

At 1 pm she calls Proton:

“What are you doing awake? C***,C****,C***. I feel dirty knowing that I came out of you!”

She hangs up. Only to return to Protons house to kick aggressively at the door for 5 minutes or so – probably on her way to the shop to top up on alcoholic provisions.

What will this evening bring.


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