20-21 May 2014.

Foolishly Proton accepts Dickhead as a friend on Bookface thus giving her access to Dickheads information.


Back story:

Dickhead left when Charm was 18months old and she has never forgiven him. He left town for her entire childhood only to return when Charm was in her early 20’s. By this time he was about to marry a much younger woman who was pregnant by another man – isn’t that charming, obviously a family trait.

Once the baby was born he got in touch with a tentative letter to Charm & Strangeness inviting to meet them both. This they duly did, but it did not go well. The way they reported the meeting was as if Dickhead appeared to be merely showing off his new family and possessions wanting to impress as to how well his life has turned out. Neither wanted to see him again.


But Proton now had access to Dickheads Bookface page which included pictures of his new daughter, Lepton.

“Oh look Charm, here’s Lepton!”, says Proton. “Oh, she’s really pretty”.

“No thanks” says Charm understandably.

“Stop it” says Electron.

“She’s got your teeth. Wow, she’s got lovely legs, like you Charm.”

“Log out! Log out now” orders Electron.

But to no avail, Proton continues…

“Come and look Charm, she is your half-sister after all”.

“Why should I” replies Charm.

Everything is so simple when one knows which buttons to push, thinks Electron. This will not end well.

“I’m off to my shed “, says Electron, “I’ve got work tomorrow – good night and good luck to the two of you” and he leaves them to it.


All in a Dream: Electron is in bed with a beautiful dark haired woman, a bit like Proton, but happy. He is happy, content, relaxed cosy and warm but the alarm is going off. It keeps going off. He awakes to realise that it is in fact the doorbell.

What time is it?

6am! It can’t be the postman. RING, RING. Oh God maybe its Proton in danger.

No, she has a key and would let herself in.


Ok, OK. Quickly getting dressed and realising the beautiful woman has gone Electron approaches the front door.



“Mum called the police on me”.

“Well that was entirely predictable” says Electron.

Now, anyone who has seen the 1960 film “village of the damned” will hopefully understand what I am trying to portray.

With a very calm face and a soft flat tone to her voice, Charm slowly replies:

“That’s       What       You       Always       Say”.

Truly chilling.

VillageofDamnedFrightened, Electron closes the door in Charms face.

He returns to the shed, heart pounding. You know the feeling you get when awoken suddenly from a deep, deep sleep, Electron feels as if he is having a heart attack.


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