1-15 May 2014

tumbling vinyl

Quarks Stroganoff was ruined and had to be thrown away.

Strangeness has forgiven Proton and is once again talking to her.

Charm is lying low, staying with her grandmother, hiding from her ex.

Apart from one evening/early morning abusive phone call from Charm where she called both her brothers and mother all the names under the sun and would not let up until all of Protons phones had to be unplugged from the wall But hey, that’s quite normal, things have been reasonably peaceful.

Protons living room ceiling has begun to bulge ominously.

On further investigation, it appears that Quark has stored all of his heavy items in a single line in the room directly above. This consists of a vast amount of vinyl records. heavy tool boxes and large loudspeakers. Instead of placing these at the edge of the room they have been placed centrally….. and one on top of the other. Proton lives in an old house with old timber joist floors. The house was built before vinyl records were invented and obviously not designed for such loading.

Proton immediately contacts Quark who is also at his grandmothers. He rightly states that there is nothing he can do from 50 miles away, but will attend to things on his return, whenever that may be.

15 May 2014.

Electron receives a call at work from Proton, the ceiling has finally collapsed.

Luckily Proton had been avoiding this room since the bulge, only entering to open and close the curtains. The collapse occurred overnight so thankfully no one was hurt…. or heard a thing.

The great migration of vinyl from upstairs to downstairs begins.

Too Late.


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