The Endless Stroganoff

As predicted,  it all kicked off again:


Proton is watching TV and talking to Charm who casually states that she is going for a walk with Neb#45 tomorrow.

“So what about all that stuff about changing your SIM card and having nothing to talk to him about and not making the same mistakes”, asks Proton.

But it’s all too late; Charm is siding with Neb#45 again. An argument ensues resulting with Charm storming out together with her brother Strangeness who has naturally been browsing the Internet again. For some reason, Strangeness who was not involved in the argument says that he is not going to see Proton for 2 years and also storms off. Strangeness loves Charm.

Ho Hum, meanwhile the massively intoxicated Quark has been busy starting to cook his stroganoff.

Thursday 17th April

Proton bangs on Quarks door shouting that he has to come down to the kitchen and clear up the mess he has created. Initially Quark refuses to come out but when he does he moves the various pots of half cooked (how appropriate) meat and disappears out the front door with his bicycle.

The stroganoff is intended for a camping trip with Titania on Friday so he needs to return to finish it.

But quark does not return……..

“Good” Friday.

…….Not until today, when he appears once again in the kitchen but something is missing.

the bicycle thief“Where’s your bike”, asks Proton.

“I’ve lost it”

“What do you mean you’ve lost it?”

“I was up the park” (Where else) “and I must have taken my eye off it for a few seconds”.

“Well you should go and look for it”.

“I just spent the last 45 minutes looking for it”.

With that he disappears out the door.

When he returns much later it is early evening. He no longer intends to go on the camping trip with Titania because she is going with another friend who claims to be a hells angel and is proud of being a convicted rapist. Quark doesn’t like the “bad man”.  He is also due to pick up his prescription for the drugs he has to take to keep him off street drugs. However, they do not appear to be working.

The story of the bike theft has now changed. Quark turned his back for a few seconds and someone rode off with it. So why did he say he spent 45 minutes looking for it? None of this adds up.  But he now has another bike that he says was being stored at Charms flat.  The plan is that he will now stay the night with Proton (unlikely).

Charm is in her flat with Neb#45.

Strangeness has set off early to visit his teenage daughter and her mother in the country. Proton had to remind him it was Easter and as such the buses will be on a Sunday service. Otherwise he would have missed the bus.  Just like at Christmas when he was heading into town to get some milk when he received a call from his daughter thanking him for his Christmas present. It was only then that he realised it was actually Christmas day, the lack of traffic and the fact that all the shops were closed were not indication enough.

Quark continues to cook his stroganoff.


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