Quark Moves In

Monday 14 April/Tuesday 15 April

shed meal 2Quark is now living at Protons house. Perhaps now she will find out where Quark spends his money.

Unwilling to share another night in Quarks presence, Electron refuses to visit Proton to cook the evening meal yet again. Instead he invites Proton to his shed where they can get some peace.

Proton agrees and visits the shed for the first evening in years. A meal is cooked and eaten without interruption. Proton agrees it is nice and peaceful in the shed and the meal was perfectly cooked.

Later Electron walks Proton back to her place. Quark is out

He gets his unemployment/sickness money paid into his account on a Tuesday. As Tuesday begins just past midnight on Monday, he has to go to the cash dispenser at this time. If you are in a nice centrally heated house at this time of night, why can you not wait until the morning?

Turns out that he has arranged to meet a “friend” after he gets his payout.

The next day, Tuesday, at 6.30pm Quark wheels his bicycle into the passageway of Protons house.

It has been a beautiful sunny day but Quark has seen vapour trails from planes in the sky.

“Be careful out there, the sky is full of aluminium” he says.

“What are you talking about?” asks Proton.

“It’s well known that various governments have been pumping aluminium in the sky from jets. The Americans say it’s to counteract global warming. But it’s to poison all of the people on earth”

vap trails

This is a popular belief on various conspiracy theory websites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory

But most rational people believe it to be absolute bollocks.

Electron accepts that governments certainly carry out dodgy practices, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc., for self-serving purposes. But the logistics of plating the sky with metal to reflect the sun’s rays just does not make sense. But check out the link and make up your own minds.

Quark has managed to acquire food. Food past its sell by date or from skips, but at least he has food. He intends to make a stroganoff tomorrow consisting of beef gammon and god knows what else. It is also apparent that the meeting with his “friend” late last night satisfied Quarks needs.

Quark is obviously slightly chemically altered but has not yet reached the rambling Syd Rumpo stage

persona (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambling_Syd_Rumpo) he usually adopts at this stage of his inebriation.

rambling syd

Electron goes to his shed alone. Proton will cater for Quark this evening.


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