NEB#46 awaits

Sunday 13th April

Charm has split with Neb#45.


At the end of  a long week, Electron returns to Protons House to find the entire clan has gathered. Quark, Strangeness & Charm are all there. Charm has finally kicked Neb#45 out of her flat and says that their relationship is over. So everyone is rallying around for support. Talk about codependency. Everyone is staying at Protons house so Electron retires to his flat for a good night’s sleep. Predictably the clan retires to bed or settee around 7am on Saturday morning – but to date no arguments have ensued.

Saturday also passes by peacefully, Electron & Proton enjoy a nice pasta meal whilst Charm caters for her brothers. Charm has entrusted her phone to Proton, not wanting to read the incessant texts that Neb#45 is sending.

On Sunday afternoon, Proton & Electron take Charm to a nice waterfront restaurant to watch the world go by and to give Charm an idea of how pleasant life could be. Proton suggests that Charm draw up a wish list of what she wants in a partner, in a vain hope of getting her to set her sights higher for her next relationship. This is what proton did to ensnare electron. Charm appears in reasonable spirits, insisting that she is not going to make the same mistakes again. But she has begun checking her phone. Despite previously clarifying that “it is over”, Neb#45 wants 5 minutes to talk. Charm says that tomorrow she is going to change her SIM card but things are beginning to creak.

The clan share a Sunday roast together, but the tension is beginning to build.

Charm had dropped in at her flat with Strangeness to pick up some hair shampoo and other items needed for her stay with Proton. She doesn’t want to stay at her flat lest Neb#45 turn up.

Despite her flat being only a 5 minute walk away they were gone for almost 2 hours. On their return it was obvious that they had dropped into visit Daz, the local dope dealer, it was also obvious that Charm had managed to neck the 4 cans of lager she had bought earlier. Returning with a litre bottle of San Miguel in hand and a carrier bag of clanking bottles, this was not going to end well.

When Charm has been drinking it is like walking on eggshells. One never knows when she is going to turn nasty.  At 10 pm the warning signs are evident, the aggression oozes from her. Electron points this out to Proton who says she knows but thinks things are calming down.

Around midnight, sensing the trouble to come Electron decides to go back to his shed, advising Proton to go to bed soon thus keeping out of Charms way.


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