Chronicle of an Argument Foretold

Monday 14 April 2014

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 9.02.59 PM.JPGElectron answers his phone at 3pm on Monday afternoon, its Proton:

“I should have listened to you”

“What time did you go to bed?”

“Oh it must have been around 7 this morning”

“So it all kicked off then”

“Oh yes. I should have listened to you”

“So where is everyone now?”

“Strangeness walked Charm back to her flat at 4 and he has now gone home. Quark has gone out,  he went to bed early and missed it all.”

“So what happened?”

“I started talking to Charm about how he used her as a mattress”.

(Neb#45 could only sleep by lying on top of Charm, I know, it sounds really uncomfortable doesn’t it).

Electron knows that this was asking for trouble, he did warn Proton after all.

The trouble is that after a few glasses of wine, Proton does not know when to let sleeping dogs lie.

Anyway Charm refuted this as the truth, by now standing up for her so called ex.

The end result being the usual storming out, back to her nearby flat, where no doubt once realising that she is on her own again will immediately be back in contact with Neb#45.

Or, God help us, the new Neb, Neb#46.

And to cap it all, Quark has decided to move back in with Proton while he looks for somewhere to live.

No longer able to cope with living with Strangeness and his crazy sleep patterns and black moods.




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