Smothering Sunday

mothersday cardThe day passes with no card or flowers until 9.30 at night when the doorbell rings.

A dishevelled and chemically altered Quark is there, clutching a card. “Sorry it’s late, Charm was waiting for me to sign it”.

The card, bought by Charm is signed by all, (Strangeness and Quark do not believe in giving, though they enjoy receiving) – well it’s the thought that counts.

He has come from Charms flat and brings some news of Friday’s events. Neb#45 was apparently beaten up by three men from the local pub, but no one knows why. Seems they just took a disliking to him. Apparently Charm was in the loo at the time and when she came out, Neb#45 had gone. Anyway Neb#45 is spending the evening with Charm. His ribs hurt and they are thinking of going to A & E. (It ultimately turns out to be merely bruising).

Quark then decides that it is time to look for batteries in the room he occasionally uses as a bedroom and store. He goes upstairs stating “It won’t take long”.

After 1/2hr of rummaging he returns without batteries and decides that it would perhaps be wiser to look for them in the daytime.

All this time, Electron has been preparing and cooking a roast dinner, and is not pleased with the disruption. He hopes that it is clear to Quark that he and Proton wish to be left in peace to enjoy their meal.

Quark leaves empty handed to return to Charms flat.

Electron has lost all track of his cooking times.

10 minutes later the front door opens and in shuffles Strangeness clutching an opened bottle of wine (he is the only one entrusted with a key). Happy Mother’s Day Mother he slurs.

“Thank you Charm, but it’s now 10.30 at night, the clues in the title Mother’s DAY” replies Proton.

Strangeness reiterates the story of waiting for Quarks signature on the card and then requests that he use Protons computer to look for some boots on the Internet.

For f***s sake thinks Electron, he is always dropping in late in the evening to use the Internet, well I guess a man has his needs.

“No Strangeness, can you do it in the daytime, we are about to eat and we have only just said goodbye to Quark.”

“I know”‘ replies Strangeness, “I just saw him, he is down at Charms, it won’t take long”, he says and strides into the study where the computer is.

“15 minutes!”, Proton shouts after him.

The meal is ruined. Proton and Electron persevere in eating it but it cannot be described as enjoyable.

2 hours later, Strangeness is still in the study. “What are you doing in there” asks Proton, “have you found the boots yet?”

“Some”, comes the reply.

“Have you made a note of the sites and prices so you can order them later?”


Electron has had enough and says his goodbyes.

Proton opens another bottle of wine and in the early hours decides to confront Strangeness regarding the fact that she only sees Electron at the weekends and doesn’t he think that they deserve some privacy.

“It’s the family home”, he replies

“Yes but you are not a child anymore, you  have your own home.”

Strangeness slams the door key down on the kitchen table and storms out of the house for the 4 mile walk back to his flat.

Never to return????


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