Preamble to Mothers Day

Saturday 5th April 2014

Charms pretend boyfriend (Neb#45) has moved back in with his father and fathers girlfriend and so of course has Charm. They are living out in the countryside, some miles from the city.

Early Saturday morning the phone rings at 4.30am. It is Charm (It’s always Charm at this time in the morning):

“Mum, Neb#45 has gotten into trouble with three locals at the village pub, there is a knife missing from the kitchen and he is tooling himself up. I think he has gone outside.”

Ms. P desperately trying to wake up from her deep sleep wonders what this has got to do with her. There are after all 2 other Adults in much closer proximity, i.e. actually in the house.

Nonetheless Ms. P advises Charm to leave the house, get herself a taxi and come home to her city flat. Ms. P does not like Neb#45.

The phone goes dead.

Ms. P calls Charm, Neb#45’s fathers girlfriend answers and says all is OK but also thinks Charm should return home. We don’t think the girlfriend likes Charm.

After a worried and restless sleep at midday on Saturday, a concerned Ms. P calls Charm, she is with Neb#45 in his car outside the country house – they are not allowed to “smoke” inside.

“Is everything okay Charm ?”.

“F*** off! Bitch” Charm replies and hangs up.

And so another “drama” ends?


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